Mulates restaurant serves authentic gumbo and fine Cajun music!

A favorite place to have really traditional Cajun food is Mulates Restaurant. It is located near the convention center and is a popular gathering place for tourists. Here you can have fried seafood that is well prepared and shrimp or crawfish etoufee. A Louisiana style sub known as a PO BOY would be a good choice and of course you must get the gumbo.

On a recent excursion to New Orleans my wife Jan and I were in proximity to Mulates Restaurant around noon so naturally we had to try a sample of my favorite food. Jan and I saddled up to the bar and took a seat that gave me a clear view of a TV so I could get a football score update.

I selected a cup of their Zydeco gumbo and an Abita beer to wash it down. Zydeco is a form of Cajun folk music and seems like an appropriate name for gumbo. When the waiter delivered my order I knew this would be good. The Creole soup served in my cup had the correct dark color, was rich and had the right amount of seafood. I detected a slight amount of file' and my taste buds told me the effect was just right. File' is a Cajun spice made from ground sassafras leaves and is commonly used to thicken gumbo when served.

The rice was cooked just right and the proportion of rice to liquid was correct. Many cooks and some restaurants make the mistake of putting too much rice in the bowl. Gumbo is a soup and the right proportion is about one third rice to two thirds liquid. I like it without rice sometimes and serve it in a natural state with nothing added.

Mulate's restaurant serves a very good seafood gumbo and I would recommend it to anyone. I would give it 4 stars out of 5. If you dine there in the evening you can enjoy some live Cajun music and dancing. For more information or to view their menu check out their web site.

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