The Nutty Rich Flavor Of Brown Rice Makes Your Gumbo Outstanding

Long grain white rice has been a staple in my gumbo for decades. In recent years we have added brown rice to our list of preferred rice varieties. It is delicious, nutritious and beautiful.

This delightful and healthy grain has the outer hull removed, but still retains the bran layers that give it a tan color, chewy texture and nut-like flavor. Retaining the nutrient-dense bran layer makes it a 100% whole grain food, rich in minerals and vitamins, especially the B-complex group. Unlike white rice which cooks in 20 minutes, it requires 30-35 minutes cooking time.

We love this flavorful rice in gumbo because it adds another layer of complexity to Louisiana's favorite food. Plus is has a chewy firmness that is a little more dense than white rice giving it a desirable texture. This adds body, color and hardiness and these are desirable characteristics for gumbo. New Orleans chefs are beginning to include brown rice in their dishes because of it's rich taste and firm texture.

Cooking this nutty tasting whole grain is a little different than white rice. It requires a little more water and more cooking time. And it is just as easy as cooking white rice.

Here are the instructions......

1.Put rice and water together in a pot with a lid and stir well. Use the ratio of 2-1/2cups water to 1 cup rice.

2.Set the heat to maximum, and bring the rice/water to a boil uncovered. Then put the lid on the pot, and reduce the heat to low/simmer. If your lid has a steam valve, keep it closed. Let the rice simmer for 35 minutes.

3.Turn off the heat, and let the rice sit in the covered pot for 10 minutes. It’s OK if you let it rest longer than 10 minutes (20 or 30 minutes is fine too), but don’t let it go any less. I prefer my rice to be slightly chewy so I usually remove the lid after 10 minutes and fluff.

This will make 3 cups cooked rice and yields six 1/2 cup servings.

Brown rice takes just a little more time and it's worth it for the flavor and texture. Plus it's healthier for you since it is a 100% whole grain product.

So whether you choose to cook rice on your stove top or use a fool proof electric rice cooker, it is easy to make. Plus it's nutritious, and is an absolute necessity when serving and enjoying Louisiana's favorite food. Brown rice and gumbo go together like soup and sandwich.

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