Cochon Restaurant Gets 5 Stars For Chicken And Andouille Gumbo!

Cochon restaurant is one of my favorite places to dine in New Orleans. Chef Donald Link serves what I consider upscale authentic Cajun food.

I could write an entire E-zine on the food served at Cochon Restaurant but I write about gumbo. And I did have gumbo there recently. My wife had dined at this fine eatery while on one of her many junkets and loved it. So on a recent trip we took to New Orleans she made reservations for us so I could sample the gumbo.

We ordered wine and of course inquired into the gumbo selection for the evening. Chicken and andouille which is my favorite was on the menu and that suited my purpose perfectly. I was anxious to sample what I thought would be best of the trip so I ordered a bowl during our waiter's first visit to the table.

We were not disappointed. The gumbo was excellent and everything about it was perfect. It was dark, deep and rich but not too heavy. My bowl of Louisiana's favorite food contained the right amount of chicken and andouille, with the perfect amount of rice. No file'.

While enjoying my bowl of New Orleans delight I was reminded how incredibly delicious a simple and rustic dish like gumbo can be. And believe me I know what it takes to make a great authentic gumbo.

It was obvious the chef starts with a flavorful stock and not just plain water. The rich color demonstrates his patience and skill at making the perfect roux. A roux takes time to make and cannot be rushed. And it requires a great deal of experience to get the color perfect night after night. The chicken was lean and tender and the andouille was obviously made on premises to a precise and traditional recipe.

As I dug into the gumbo, memories of my childhood came flooding back. It felt as though I was sitting at Maw Maw Elma's table with my family enjoying a big pot of gumbo and her yummy yeast bread. Everything tasted exactly the same as Grandma's food and that is the real thing.

The gumbo at Cochon Restaurant was the best of the trip and I will recommend you have a bowl every chance you get. Don't pass on the bread either. I award Cochon's example of my favorite food 5 stars. The best hands down! Reservations are recommended.

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