Sorry You Changed Your Mind

Sorry you changed your mind about ordering roux or any of the other delicious products from Louisiana.

If you are hesitating on ordering due to shipping charges we understand. The roux and other fine products from Cajun Country are packaged in quart size glass jars. These products are heavy which results in slightly higher than standard shipping costs. Plus we package the glass jars in robust shipping cartons so when they arrive at your door there is no breakage. This makes for shipping charges that might cause some to hesitate and think twice about ordering.

Should you decide to come back and order later, you can be assured you will not be disappointed. The Gumbo Roux is worth every extra dollar you spend on shipping. It makes the perfect gumbo and it is all I use any longer. No more cooking oil and flour for me.

Come back to order when you are ready. We will be here to serve you.