Taste New Orleans At Home With Community Coffee Every Day

Community Coffee Company invites you to enjoy the unique taste of Louisiana's most distinctive coffee.

Only quality 100% Arabica beans can make the cut for this Louisiana coffee. Through generations of roasting experience, Community-Coffee has perfected a full-bodied yet smooth flavor that reflects the extraordinary culinary traditions of Louisiana. This famous Louisiana coffee is served in the best New Orleans restaurants and is shared in homes across the South. To understand why, simply sit back and enjoy a cup. 

My wife and I are frequent visitors to New Orleans. Each morning there will find us at Cafe' du Monde having beignets and Community coffee. Delicious! Nearly all restaurants and bakeries will serve this New Orleans favorite. It's a great way to start your day in the Big Easy.

Community Coffee

For many generations in my family on both sides, community ground dark roast coffee has been the only choice. My parents would drink nothing else. We drink several cups throughout the day. We also enjoy it with deserts at the end of the day and makes for a very sweet ending.

Today, Community Coffee is so much a part of people's lives and spans so many generations that it has been dubbed the State Coffee of Louisiana. You are invited to enjoy this family tradition and experience a little bit of Louisiana in every cup. As they say in New Orleans, the good times can't roll without Community Coffee.

Now you can enjoy that taste of New Orleans by having Community Coffee shipped to your home. Not only are the traditional coffee's available, now you will find gourmet coffees as well. Enjoy! There is nothing like a steaming cup of New Orleans coffee every day.

Ratings and Reviews from Community Coffee Web Site

Lana Dark Roast Community Coffee
"This is the best coffee that was ever made. When we lived in Louisiana and then moved to Georgia we had a real surprise. We could not find this coffee any where. So every time I went back to my dads house we would stock up on the coffee so we would have enough until we went back to Louisiana. There is no other coffee that can compare to the taste of Community Dark Roast Coffee. Now we can get it in the only store in our town, Gray, GA. Thanks so much for making it avaliable." Reviewer: Lana| 10/1/2010

Peter Great coffee
"I discovered CC dark roast when I visited Louisiana for the first time 6 years ago. I haven't bought another brand since. I live in Canada and stock up when ever I am in Louisiana but I've ordered online as well. Great coffee and great service. This is why they have been around for over 90 years!" Reviewer: Peter| 9/15/2010

Richard The Great Taste of Louisiana
"I grew up loving the taste and smell of dark roast. My father drank it black, straight up. I also enjoy it that way, to me there is nothing better than a true, pure, no-additive cup of rich tasting dark roast coffee. Humorous story, my wife is from west Texas. We started dateing and one day at the grocery store, I reached to the shelf and grabbed a brick of dark roast. She quandried why I was buying that generic house brand, I turned, looked at her and stated that this was the state coffee" Reviewer: Richard| 4/22/2012

Thomas Best Coffeee w/out the bite!
"My wife and I were returning to Texas where we stopped at the Louisana Border to rest. As were were leaving their state rest area I picked up a cup of their Dark Roast Community Coffee and fell in love with it. No bite! Great coffee. Threw away my just bought coffee of another brand and filled up my coffee container with Dark Roast Community Coffee . Have been drinking it now for about 6 years. Just purchased a BUNN Coffee maker to use w/their pod's. Now I can have it HOT anytime!" Reviewer: Thomas| 12/5/2011

Karen Transplanted to Alama
"There is NO better coffee than this. Folgers is wrong...the best part of waking up is Community in my cup! I have mine auto-delivered every 90 days so I do not have to go hunting for it in town. Try it-bold, smooth, delicious!" Reviewer: Karen| 9/10/2010

There are many more testimonials like these. There is no doubt Community Coffee is the best there is. But we hope it doesn't get too popular since we do not want any supply shortages. Guess we better stock up.

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