Cajun Dessert Recipes Are That Rich And Gooey Extra Thing At The End Of your Meal

Gumbo is Louisiana's most famous food and these dessert recipes from Cajun country are well known favorites too.

Ask any gumbo devotee what the best sweet ending to a bowl of their favorite gumbo is and you will get answers like bread pudding or pecan praline.

Bread pudding is a dessert that is popular in many cultures and no variety is better than the Cajun and Creole versions found in South Louisiana. It is the definitive sweet ending to a rich bowl of gumbo. Your guests will savor the yummy texture and flavor with smiles of surprise and delight. Served with a warm buttery sugar topping this dish goes off the charts for goodness.

Another classic Cajun sweet is the pecan praline. Pralines are a family of confections made from nuts and sugar and are similar to brittle but softer. They are a delicious candy like sweet that's good anytime and especially after gumbo.

A classic dessert with a much celebrated status in New Orleans is the beignet. Covered with powdered sugar or dipped in syrup or honey and served with a dark coffee, these make a perfect ending to a delicious gumbo dinner. If you have visited New Orleans then Cafe' du Monde has likely been on your list of places to have beignets and coffee. You can make them at home with the easy recipe found here.

When discussing coffee we must mention that Louisiana favorite, Community Coffee. For nearly a century this fine coffee has been the genuine favorite of New Orleans. Family owned and operated it has become the coffee of choice for Louisianan's and tourists alike.

Make your last course one of these sweet treats. Any one of these delicious recipes will make for a memorable ending to your meal.

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