These Easy Gumbo Recipes Are Delicious And Real Cajun

Sometimes even the most expert cook will want an easy gumbo recipe. Easy usually means sacrificing taste for ease and speed. Not so with these recipes.

There will be times and situations when you may want a bowl of gumbo and you don't have the time or the inclination to make a traditional recipe. The really great recipes will require a half hour to prepare and one or two hours to cook completely.

So there will always be a need to make a great gumbo quickly from ingredients readily available from you grocer or even from your freezer. The good news is you can make it fast and make it great with the recipes found here.

You might have guests to arrive unexpectedly and need a dish that will feed many people.

Maybe you are on a camping trip and need a recipe to make on your camp stove that can be prepared quickly.

Duck Gumbo

What about something to prepare at a tailgate party? Does fast, easy and fantastic sound like the type of recipe you would like?

Have you ever looked at leftover chicken or turkey in your refrigerator and wondered what you could make to keep from throwing it away? Maybe it's a piece of ham or leftover roast beef you found and asked yourself what could I make that would be easy and fast so this food doesn't waste.

My advise is to make gumbo. With these recipes you can knock out a wonderful pot of that Louisiana delight without investing lots of time or money.

When you crave gumbo and feel the need for speed, just click on the recipes below and get satisfied.

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Seafood Gumbo with Tabasco

Share your gumbo recipe. Tell me your gumbo cooking story.