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Knowing the right ingredients to use in a gumbo is important, but having the right Gumbo Cooking Know How is essential.

Now anyone can follow a recipe. But most recipes leave a lot to the imagination and results are usually less than you expected. These pages will demonstrate many of the unknown techniques used for infusing intense flavors into this cajun brew and we will endeavor to take away the mystery.

Let's take a roux for example. Most gumbos are thickened with roux. This adds body, flavor and depth. I think it adds a wonderful color too. But most cooks have no idea how to successfully prepare this and have a fear of failing. Most written directions fall short and leave the reader guessing. We fix all of that here with easy to follow instructions and photo's that demonstrate exactly how to complete this important step easily. 

Most recipes call for water or cans of chicken stock......

Using these will render a good dish, but using a home made chicken stock or home made seafood stock will make your gumbo much better. A homemade stock will deliver a gumbo with deep flavor that simply cannot be achieved by using water or canned stock.

You will find stock recipes to help you create wonderful gumbos with ease, along with a few secrets that can make your gumbo exceptional.

Every gumbo requires a vegetable mixture known as the Trinity. This is made up of onions, bell pepper and celery and are key ingredients in all recipes. The aroma of this mixture sauteing in a hot roux will make your mouth water. It is easy to prepare but even this can be done incorrectly by the inexperienced. We will show you how it's done. No guess work.

No respectable pot of our favorite dish can be made without a little smoked meat. Whether it's chicken gumbo or seafood gumbo, a lean smoked meat like sausage, chicken or ham will always be a wonderful addition. A correct cajun or creole gumbo will have andouille or tasso or both. The only exception to this is when you make a vegetable version and even then a little andouille will make a huge difference in flavors.

Then we have other know how secrets like long and slow cooking techniques, using file' powder as a thickener, and the make ahead of time approach to maximize the flavors. We will also cover the importance of rice and how to make it perfect every time.

So book mark this site and study these pages for secrets and techniques that will take your gumbo cooking to new highs. And I guarantee you will love the results when you take your first taste of these wonderful examples of Louisiana Delight.

Try the recipes. You will love them.

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How to make a roux

How to make a chicken stock

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The Trinity of Onions, Celery, Green Pepper

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