Try These Chefs Gumbo Recipes For A Special Dining Experience

Louisiana is famous for fantastic food and no dish is more popular than the gumbo recipes created by the state's talented chef's.

The wonderful dishes prepared by real Cajuns from the Bayou country are world renown for delicious flavors and millions of diners seek their food and recipes every year. But the most talked about and sought after dish and surely the most revered is the world famous Louisiana gumbo.

It is quite natural for accomplished chefs to experiment and create new and exciting versions of Louisiana's most famous food. Although most recipes are simple and rustic, new techniques can be employed to greatly improve the intensity of flavors and bring color and beauty to a Cajun soup that has long been known for it's mouth watering taste.

What is so great about a chef's approach is that those who are really good at their work will always try to push the limits on cooking techniques or try different ingredients that can add excitement and depth to a dish with history as old as the Louisiana Purchase.

Most authentic chicken and seafood gumbos will have a smoked meat added. Your talented chefs will use authentic andouille and not regular smoked sausage. Andouille is a Louisiana style sausage that uses lean chunks of pork, has lots of great seasonings and is smoked long and slow using a real smokehouse.

Others will experiment with adding different ingredients that create interesting textures and flavors without significantly changing the essence or attributes that define gumbo. New Orleans Chef Donald Link owner of Cochon Restaurant adds black eyed peas to one of his recipes. It's a unique approach and is delicious.

Here we are featuring some of our favorite gumbo-recipes from Louisiana chefs. I have found most of them are happy to share their ideas and creations with people who love to cook and take pleasure when others succeed at making the them. They are delicious and you will want to make them often. And when you travel to Louisiana try their restaurants for a fantastic dining experience.

Try these fantastic gumbo recipes from Celebrity Chefs

Chef John Folse Cajun Chicken Gumbo

Chef John Folse Louisiana Seafood Gumbo

Chef Paul Prudhomme Turkey Poblano Gumbo

Paul Prudhomme Seafood Gumbo

Chef Amato of Mother's Restaurant Seafood Gumbo

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