The gumbo at K-Pauls Louisiana Kitchen is an authentic example of Louisiana's most famous food

K-Pauls Louisiana Kitchen

K-Pauls Louisiana Kitchen is a great restaurant located in the French Quarter. This eating establishment is now open for lunch. My wife and dropped in there one Saturday for midday refreshments and what we hoped would be some classic New Orleans food.

Of course I had primarily one thing on my mind and that was trying the day's gumbo selection. During lunch here you must order at the register. You place your order, make your payment and collect your drink after finding a seat. This is similar to deli service and it works for a fast daytime meal.

I ordered gumbo and my wife ordered a Po-Boy. We both had a cold Abita beer to enjoy with our meal.

When I order gumbo at restaurants my first step is to examine it closely for color, texture and amount of meat or seafood in the bowl. So when our number was called I enthusiastically ran for our tray of food to start my inspection.

As stated in this web site many times a truly authentic gumbo will be dark, rich and have a deep flavor. I examined my bowl of Louisiana's most famous food carefully and this gumbo met all the requirements. The color was correct. The thickness was just right and it was loaded with chicken and andouille. The amount of rice served was perfect and the serving size was big enough to satisfy even the most ravenous appetite.
K-Pauls Louisiana Kitchen gumbo
Now I prefer my gumbo served in a ceramic bowl. It should be white in color and make the customary ding when a metallic utensil makes contact. But this chicken and andoulle gumbo was served in a foam bowl. Not my ideal but I reminded myself this was lunch time and the service at noon is deli style. So I prepared myself to overlook the foam and judge the gumbo on it's merits.

I have to admit it was good. It was not too salty, not too spicy and I found it just right for a deli style lunch experience. I did find my serving to be rather oily and can recommend that the Chef take a few minutes to siphon off the oil that floats to the top in the gumbo pot. This only takes a few minutes and adds significantly to the diner's gumbo eating experience.

I have not dined at K-Pauls Louisiana Kitchen for dinner but I am quite sure the food there is worthy of it's legendary reputation. And I am confident that you will love the gumbo served a K-Pauls whether it's for lunch or dinner. I know I did.

By the way the oyster PO BOY rates a 10 out of 10. Yum!

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