Lapetite Grocery A Favorite Restaurant For Gumbo

On a recent trip to New Orleans my wife Jan made dinner reservations at LaPetite Grocery, a restaurant in the Garden District.

When making the reservation she asked about their gumbo and was told that it is not always on the menu but since she asked for it the chef would have a pot made and ready for us. By the way, don't let the name LaPetite Grocery cause you to hesitate. It was formerly a grocery store but has been converted into a very nice restaurant.

The gumbo selection that night was seafood, and of course I had a bowl. It was beautifully done and soooooo delicious. Being a gumbo fanatic with decades of experience sampling my most favorite dish, I am a chef's worse critic. Before my first taste I evaluated the color and texture and examined closely the ingredients used in this most famous Louisiana soup.

I knew before I spooned the first bite that this would be a great dish. The color was perfect.

The color was perfect. The thickness level was just right and clearly demonstrated that this chef knows his bayou brew. The proportion of liquid to seafood ingredients was just exactly to the level one expects from a traditional south Louisiana gumbo?. It had shrimp, oysters and crab along with some andouille and the amount of okra was absolutely perfect.

The spice level was true and authentic. My sample was not oily and the proportion of rice to liquid was precisely as I had hoped for.

This example of New Orleans most popular food was delicious and I enthusiastically recommend LaPetite Grocery to anyone wanting to try a real Cajun dish at it's best. It really sets a benchmark for seafood gumbo and I am sure only a scant few can make a better example of what devotees like myself judge as nearly perfect.

There are other fantastic selections on the menu and you will love them all. Jan had grilled fish that was wonderful and I had a pork entree that was delicious. I can wholeheartedly recommend this quaint restaurant to anyone dining in New Orleans. The wait staff did an excellent job and the wine selection is very good.

But most of all the gumbo was perfect and was my most favorite dish of the evening. Call for reservations in advance and ask if gumbo is on the menu for the night. You can get directions or make reservations by going to their web site.

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