Live Your Dream And Turn Your Hobby Into A Profitable Online Business.

Live your dream!

Own your own business!

Here's how I'm living mine.........

Have you ever considered turning your hobby or interests into an income? It is easier than you think....

I know because I turned a few gumbo recipes I developed over the years into a nice residual income that keeps growing each month. After years of serving gumbo at dinner parties and teaching family and friends how to make it, I decided it would be fun to have a web site that I could send people to for recipes.

But where to start was a big question. How would I do it? I did not want to spend lots of money paying a service to create a site for me. So my desire to own a web site languished for a while.

I looked at Word Press and found lots of nice templates for a Blog. But after looking closer I discovered Word Press offers no tools, no education and nothing to help you build a web site for business.

Then while searching the internet for information on digital cameras and wildlife photography, I found a really neat web site. I would visit that site often to get information on cameras. One day I found a page that explained how the owner had built his site.

He used Site Build It. I followed a link on his site to Sight Build It, just like you can do here, and learned more about SBI (short for Sight Build It)! I knew right away Sight Build It would be the service I would use to build my site. (Click the graphic below to watch an enlightening video that can help you start to live your dream)

Little did I know at the time, that SBI! would become so powerful and would allow me to begin earning income from my hobby...

All I was looking for was an easy way to share my favorite gumbo recipes with friends and family on the Internet through a website. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that thousands of people would be looking at these recipes each month. And I never expected I could earn money from my little gumbo site without actually selling anything.

Only after getting my site up and running did I learn about the power of GOOGLE and the billions of dollars of ad revenue business's pay to advertize on web sites like mine. I discovered that the search engines want and need web sites like mine to place ads for their advertisers. That is how they make money. And in the process they help me make money.

Before Site Build It I wasted my time trying to build a web site. I see that now. But when I found Site Built It, things immediately clicked for me and the decision was easy.

Blueprint For Success....

Because I had no experience building a web site and knew nothing about html, I wanted a company that would provide the tools I needed to build a site, create content and add photos without having to learn computer programing and html code. With Site Build It I got it all.

The software included an action guide that eased me through each step of the process. For those that need a more visual learning tool, SBI provides video lessons with step-by-step instructions for the whole process. It’s all included in the low package price and I highly recommend the Video Action Guide. It’s what I used and I did it in small steps.

A couple of days each week I studied the guide and in a few weeks I had my site up and running.

Site Build It has made it so easy for me. The number of tools available that allows the average person to build a professional web site is phenomenal. Not only has it been easy, with Site Build It I have learned a great deal about web site building technology and I now understand the process. You might say I got my degree in web site building and I did it one little step at a time.

And I did it all with Site Build it. It has been fun too. Take a tour of some of the

fantastic tools available. I know that if I can do it anybody can do it.

State of The Art Tools Help Your Business Grow and Grow and....

You get so much value with Site Build It. For less than a dollar a day you get state of the art tools that make building your site so easy. These tools get better all the time as the technology improves. And SBI users get all this at no extra cost.

Remember... these tools are designed for people with NO technical experience at all. But even if you are technically inclined these tools can help you do your job much easier than any other product on the market today. With SBI you can truly live your dream.

The most economical.......

Not only is Site Build It the best web site building system, it is also the most economical. For one fixed annual cost you get all the tools, all the support and all the help you will ever need. And, this is very important, you will not have to do any advertising of your site to get lots of visitors.

SBI by design assures you of lots of traffic without having to pay additional fees to get it. Just follow the action guide and traffic will come.

My web site which is built around one simple theme earns me a residual income and only costs $299 US/year in renewal fees. I don't do any other advertising and that is my only cost.

My gumbo website has been an experiment and I've been extremely surprised that it actually earns the money it does with very little effort on my part. Imagine what you could do with your hobby or knowledge. You can live your dream just like me and thousands of other SBIers.

Something else I need to mention...SBI offers a 100% no questions asked, money back guarantee. If anytime after you purchase it, you decide you don't want it, just ask for your money back and you'll get it...No problem...No risk!

My retirement........

Site Build It is my vehicle to an early retirement. I now know that the income I make from my web site will allow me to retire when I am ready. I can work from my home, from the beach or any travel destination around the world because of Site Build It.

UPDATE! 12-20-2011. After 2 1/2 years my web site is doing great. The monthly income I receive from ads posted on my site now exceeds the amount I will receive from my employers pension plan after nearly 20 years. And the income grows every month, automatically and with only minimal maintenance.

I am already planning my second site since my first site is running on it’s own without much maintenance required. I have no doubt that in due time with Site Build It I will make a higher income working just a few hours per week than through my regular job.

Do you want to retire early? Do you need to supplement your income? If the answer is yes then I say that you can do it with Site Build It. And it’s easy. You can turn any hobby or interest into a successful money making web site with SBI’s complete system. Have no doubt. You can live your dream and earn a substantial income in the process.

The Proof is in the Pudding.....

Here are a few links to various parts of the SBI website which may help you decide if SBI could be something you can use to begin earning a great income from your own hobby or interests.

See why you will love SBI!

This visual metaphor captures the special free prize inside every e-box of SBI!... sense of freedom, self-reliance, joy of living, passion... all the things that REALLY matter.

Click here to find your sense of freedom and joy of living...

Solo Build It means so much to me. I never dreamed I could build my own web site so easily and with such speed. In less than two months my site was up and my visitors were enjoying gumbo recipes. A few weeks later I was earning income. And that is such a good feeling.

If you are contemplating the idea of your own web site you should look into SBI. There is no risk. You are guaranteed your money back if you are not satisfied. But from my perspective there is no reason for not being satisfied. SBI is everything you need to live your dream.

Go ahead and take the next step. See the Magic in SBI! Live your dream!

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