Low Calorie Gumbo Recipes With Extraordinary Taste

Low calorie gumbo does not have to give up flavor, color or the body New Orleans has made famous. New approaches to making roux and using ingredients with high flavor but low fat make delicious and lower calorie possible.

For example, chicken or turkey sausage will have fewer calories than pork sausage but the flavor and texture is excellent. A dry roux that uses no oil contains less fat therefore fewer calories. Click here to learn how to make it.

Substituting low calorie margarine or the new spreads like Smart Balance for real butter again lowers the total calorie count.

Using larger amounts of wonderful vegetables like onions and okra intensifies the flavors without adding fat.

Use chicken and turkey breast for your meat. Both are readily available in the supermarket. Make sure to remove any skin. The meat is very good and is an excellent source of protein.

Try fresh domestic rabbit when possible. Dishes made with rabbit are growing in popularity because it is low in calories and fat. Besides rabbit is a wonderfully flavorful meat with an absolutely outstanding texture. You are guaranteed to love rabbit gumbo. It is a must make recipe

Even using freshly ground black pepper makes a difference. Use fresh vegetables instead of frozen if possible.

As documented in other pages here, using a homemade stock will always make your gumbo better. So always make the stocks called for in these recipes. They are easy to make, inexpensive and will freeze well. Make it ahead, refrigerate then skim off any fat that has hardened on the surface. This is a great way to remove calories.

If you don't have time for homemade stock buy the Salt Free chicken bouillon granules. Mix with water and use as a stock substitute.

Use non stick spray for oiling pots and for sauteing vegetables.

Try brown rice instead of white to add flavor, texture and fiber. We love brown rice in our home and it has become a staple for us.

All these things combined will lower calories and contribute to more intense flavors.

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