Fast And Easy Describes This Microwave Roux Recipe

Accelerate your gumbo cooking with this microwave roux recipe. If you don't have the time to make a traditional roux try this microwave version.

Nearly every home has a microwave oven. These great appliances can be used for many cooking tasks and one of them is making roux for a Louisiana style gumbo.

You will need a large measuring cup for this task. An 8 cup Pyrex microwaveable measure with handle is just right.

Try this roux recipe as your base for an authentic Cajun gumbo that can be made in only a few minutes.



1 cup flour

1 cup oil

2 cups onion chopped

1 cup celery chopped

1/2 cup green pepper chopped

4 cloves garlic minced

1/4 cup parsley chopped

1/4 cup green onion tops chopped

1 cup hot water


Mix oil and four together in the 8 cup measure and microwave on high 6 minutes.

Stir at 6 minutes. Roux will not be dark enough at this point so cook another 30 seconds then stir.

Cook 30 seconds longer to get the dark brown color you need. Depending on your microwave heat level you may have to add 30 seconds additional time to get the right color

Be careful as the roux will be very hot. Usually the handle of the large measuring cup will not be hot but you should use a hot mitt just in case.

Add onion, celery and bell pepper to roux and cook on high for 3 minutes.

Add garlic, parsley and green onion to roux, stir and microwave two more minutes.

Remove from microwave and pour off any oil that has risen to the top.

Slowly add the 1 cup hot water while stirring and you will have a very good dark roux in about 12 minutes. This volume will make a gumbo using up to two quarts stock or water.

At this point you can put the roux into a larger pot and add your gumbo ingredients. This microwave roux recipe can be used for any of the gumbo recipes on this site.

Don't have time to make a roux? This roux in a jar will make an authentic gumbo you will love. The Savoie's roux is exactly like a traditional roux made with flour and oil. The Dry Roux makes the same delicious gumbo but without the oil. Both are authentic and fantastic.

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