Seafood Gumbo Recipes From Real Cajun Kitchens

Seafood gumbo recipes are the most popular it is said and likely the first choice made by diners when visiting New Orleans or south Louisiana Cajun Country.

Many types of shell fish can be used in combination as the main ingredients, and it is quite common in Louisiana to make a gumbo using only one variety of seafood. You will love a crawfish version or one using only oysters for example. A New Orleans favorite is okra gumbo loaded with tasty shrimp and just a little spicy.

A New Orleans seafood gumbo will be dark and rich with lots of seafood. A little spice will leave a tingle on your tongue. It is so good you will want to make it at home.

A shrimp gumbo could be lighter in color with a touch of tomato sauce added. Oyster and okra are common down on the Louisiana coast and is highly recommended.

During my childhood in south Louisiana many items were seasonal. My mother would use whatever was available fresh and she created delicious gumbos using different seafood singly and in combination. She would add some andouille (lean smoked sausage) or tasso (heavily smoked lean pork) to infuse a slight spicy and smokey flavor. Ummm ummm good.

In Louisiana, crawfish season starts in the spring so March, April and May are the months for that variety. In Louisiana, crawfish season starts in the spring so March, April and May are the months for that variety. Fresh boiled crawfish are a wonderful treat and the tails make a FANTASTIC gumbo.

When seasonal items from the Gulf of Mexico were not available we used catfish caught locally and that became a family favorite.

You are encouraged to experiment with seafoods available in your area.

Because gumbo is so flexible you can substitute many types of fish and shell fish and get fantastic results. Lobster, clam or mussels are examples. Or you can simply follow the recipes found on this site to create the perfect gumbo.

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Seafood Gumbo

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