Sharon's famous Gumbo

by Sharon Johnson
(Porterville, CA 93257)

This Seafood Gumbo recipe comes to us from a visitor in California. Sharon was so kind to share her recipe with all of the gumbo lovers out there in food lovers world. I have not made this recipe yet but I do intend on trying it.

The large amount of sausage and seafood along with the chicken will guarantee a delicious gumbo. Although Sharon does not state the amount of water she uses, I have given a starting point that I think will work. Remember, gumbo is very flexible. You can add water as need during the cooking process. You can also add more roux later if you need to thicken the liquid some. Make the roux on the side in a separate skillet then add to the simmering pot.

Based on my decades of experience cooking Louisiana's favorite dish, I can say this recipe should be delicious. If you like to experiment then this recipe will be a good one to try


1 pk Hillshire Sausage
1 Pk Ground Turkey Italian Sausage
6 Hot link sausage
5 lb of Chicken wings
5 lbs of Dungeness crab
5 lbs of Alaskan king crabs
2 lbs of Gumbo Shrimp
1 lb of small shrimp
1 pkg of Imitation shrimp

Gumbo is a mixture of left overs, or if you're starting fresh, saute' your ingredients in a skillet. Cook the sausage and chicken chicken until done. Place these ingredients in a large stock pot. Add flour to the skillet with additional oil and brown. (Sharon does not give us the amount of flour she uses but looking at the volume of ingredients I think 2 cups would be needed).

Then add water (start with 4 quarts then add more if needed to get that soupy look) making sure you maintain a thick gravy,add seasoning, gumbo file, onion powder, garlic powder, little oregano, horseradish and my mystery all seasoning salt. (Sharon does not give us her recipe for the mystery all seasoning salt but you can sub Tony Chacheres') When done pour into the stock pot and simmer for 40-45 minutes then add seafood simmer another 20 minutes. MMMMM good!!!!!

Don't forget to serve over freshly cooked rice. This recipe should serve 12 to 15 hungry diners.

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