Tabasco Sauce Will Jazz Up Your Gumbo And Fire Up Your Dining

Tabasco Sauce

For over 140 years, Original TABASCO SAUCE has stood as the ultimate test of courage. And once you're hooked, food without it just isn't the same. So go ahead; splash it on whatever you like. Or better yet, pour it on whatever you don't. Great on everything from eggs to seafood to pizza, it's the original, the gold standard, the mother of all hot sauces. And nothing else even comes close.

Since 1868, Original TABASCO® has been made with just three natural ingredients: fully aged red peppers, Avery Island salt and high quality distilled vinegar. This simple recipe - when brought together and aged with the greatest care and attention - produces the incredibly pungent, fiery pepper sauce that's beloved the world over.

Gumbo is simply not complete without a little of this spicy red liquid. Whether it is put in the pot or added to your bowl at the table, this wonderful gift from Louisiana adds zip and zing. More than just spicy, it leaves a flavor and rich tang that makes gumbo great to the bottom of the bowl.

We would never be without it in my home and our guests expect to have plenty of it when they dine with us.

If you are on a low salt diet use it to add some unexpected flavor. Just a few drops will turn a boring dish into a tasty meal you can enjoy.

It turns plain old scrambled eggs into a fiery breakfast treat. Use in in chicken and tuna salad for a change of pace. Mix it into mayonnaise to kick up your sandwich spread.

From the French Quarter in New Orleans to the Cajun country of Lafayette, Tabasco Sauce is the number one choice to kick up the flavor of food.

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