Tasso is a special Cajun smoked meat that your makes gumbo authentic and wonderful tasting

Tasso is a specialty of Cajun cuisine. It is a version of smoked pork made from the shoulder butt. This cut is typically leaner and has a great deal of flavor. It is dredged in salt, left to cure briefly, then rinsed, rubbed with a spice mixture containing Cayenne pepper and garlic, and hot-smoked until cooked through.

It is not usually eaten on its own. Appropriate to its roots, it is most often found in recipes of southern or Cajun/Creole origin, such as jambalaya but especially gumbo.

To use this wonderful smoked Cajun meat simply place a large piece of it whole in your gumbo. You don't have to dice it into small pieces but it is ok if you do. Tradition in many Cajun homes dictates the head of the house hold gets first rights to this piece of meat when the gumbo is served and divvy's it out to those who have been good.

This is also fantastic in greens or beans and really enhances the flavor.

It is difficult to find outside of the south but can be purchased via mail order from different sources in Louisiana. A great substitute you can use with similar results is smoked pork hocks.

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