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Leftover Turkey Gumbo

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Turkey gumbo recipes rule during the holidays......

When many people think of gumbo they think seafood. Although seafood is popular, turkey gumbos are really common and are often preferred by Louisiana cooks.

The truth is turkey gumbo will be one of the best recipes you will ever make. Smoked turkey makes an outstanding gumbo. Deep dark and rich, these recipes will have you going back for seconds.

Using leftover turkey from Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner is a most outstanding way to use the excess meat we always seem to have. Never again will you have to throw away good turkey that does not get consumed during the holiday. Just make a gumbo. It is so good.

There is always leftover ham too. A favorite recipe combines the turkey and ham into an adaptation of the classic Louisiana gumbo. You will find the recipe here. Many cooks say they love the turkey gumbos so much that they do not relegate them to the holidays, choosing instead to cook turkey any time of the year just so they can make GUMBO.

Beside being wonderful tasting, turkey is also very healthy. It is low in fat and high in protein. A great combination. Plus it is available year round from your grocer.

Americans eat an average of 18 pounds of turkey each year. More than 270 million turkeys are sold annually in the US. Half of all turkeys are consumed during the holidays. That means 135 million turkeys are cooked at other times during the rest of the year.

This is a testament to the popularity of turkey and demonstrates how much we love it

And the good news is that there is no better way to use turkey than to make a gumbo.

Try these gumbo recipes. You are guaranteed to love them.

Try these fantastic turkey gumbo recipes

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Turkey Gumbo

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