These wild game gumbo recipes are awesome

Wild game gumbo cooked in the Creole way is magnificent and beyond compare. It is a great way to use that all natural meat that usually is left in the freezer ruin.

An all time favorite is duck and sausage. You will love it. Any game can be used.. Rabbit is just outstanding. Venison, goose and yes even squirrel is delicious too.

If you are opposed to the idea of hunting and eating wild animals please skip this page. But note that eating free range meat is a tradition in this country that dates back for centuries. Plus around the globe, it is consumed enthusiastically every day. From France to Germany, and Canada to Patagonia, wild game is enjoyed by those who understand the wonderful flavor and texture of the meat.

Generally speaking game is a little tougher than domestically raised meat. It needs more cooking and sometimes more seasoning. Because it has little to no fat (except for duck) it benefits greatly from adding bacon or ham. I like to add more sausage or my favorite andouille to the recipe.

Smoking ducks for example will add an extra and sensational flavor. A common practice today is to make venison sausage. Try adding that to your gumbo for an inspiring taste.

Making a gumbo from free range meat evokes a sense of adventure and a return to our American roots. On a cold winter day around a fireplace and the smell of wood smoke, enjoy a bowl of Louisiana's most famous dish. Try it. You will love it and are guaranteed to make more.

Duck 'N' Sausage Gumbo Recipe

Rabbit Squirrel and Sausage Gumbo

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